Cloud Baby Monitor App Reviews

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Best baby monitor app

I have purchased several baby monitor apps in the past view weeks and this is the best one by far. It is super easy to set-up and use. It allows several devices to connect to the child unit at the same time. You can even connect at a distance as long as you have wifi or 3G coverage. If you are looking for a baby monitor app dont look any further....

Really the best

Trust me, I have tried many apps



Baby Monitor

Ist absolut spitze! Im wifi Netz unschlagbar , Super genial!!!!!! G3 nicht probiert! Irgendwann mal .


Was es soll

Cellular feature removed

This app was useful because of its cellular monitoring function. Why has this feature been removed in the recent version?? This is outrageous!

Working great with unlimited range

We have been using the app for about two years now. The unlimited range function works really well and is perfect for hotel wifi networks, where you move out of range of the bases wifi router. Spent a few nights out with my wife at the bar, always with an ear for the kids. Definitely happy to recommend this baby phone app!

How dad can be a nerd :)

I was looking for a baby phone like app that would work my apple watch - et voilà - this app makes every tech-savvy dad stand out at dinners, garden parties etc. While previously it was only possible to use the watch as an extension of the parent unit (phone, ipad or whathaveyou), it is now possible to use it paired to the phone as child unit — so no more taking your ipad along every time (if there’s a good wifi, though). But all in all this app has proved to be reliant (especially with notifications setup accordingly) and is a full 5/5 star for me.

Good app that needs improvement

I love the idea of this app and willingly paid for it. The light, lullaby and walkie-talkie functions are pretty handy. But the app is super unstable. We live in a three bedroom flat with excellent wireless but the connection between the two devices constantly breaks down. Also the picture freezes regularly.

Maybe this is the best baby phone ever

In most cases I am very picky. If I search something,i search long and compare tidy and tight. This app gives the most that a demanding dad is looking for. A babyphone with Wi-Fi,3g, high quality video, sound, reliable connection, smart alarm functions and iWatch possibility (i dont have one but good to know) usable as child or parent unit All you may expect from actual technical standpoint... It is fun... And.... It made made life easier by the way :) Thanx!

Excellent app

Works excellent for monitoring using two apple devices. Love that it alerts you if the connection is lost between the units. Developer listens to concerns and works to fix then immediately! Recommend highly!!!

Doesnt work

This doesnt work between my ipad and iphone, crappy app

Works perfectly

Exactly what we needed when were away from home. No wifi or bluetooth required :-)

Works really well

I have used this many times when my wife and I have our daughter sleeping at family or friends, it works reliably and has great features like the remote battery indicator, easy worth the money. Kudos to the developers for making a great app! (And I appreciate the awesome updates)

Great App

An awesome app for monitoring. I use it to keep an eye on my 10week old puppy when I am not at home. I set it up on my Mac and the unlimited range works perfectly with the 4G network on my phone. My partner has it on his phone too, so we can check on out puppy simultaneously!!!


Awesome app. Great idea. Saved me a lot of money on a baby video monitor. Thanks!

Great product!

Does exactly what the description says. Super easy to setup and since we have two iPhones and two iPads, having a unit ready for monitoring is no problem. We found that the iPad makes the best baby unit since the large screen area makes a great nightlight. We were so impressed that we returned the iBaby monitor, saved us $150!

Genius app!!

Not just for babies. Our 99 year old Mother broke her arm the other day in a fall and we need to have her stay at our home. There is a perfect bedroom for her on the main floor and we are on the 2nd floor which was going to be impossible to hear her if she needed help in the middle of the night. We went to the app store and purchased this great app and have been thrilled with its performance. Weve raved about it to all of our friends and relatives. Bravo Martin!!

Just returned our expensive monitor

Had bought a wireless monitor for over 140$ and took it back because it wouldnt stay connected. This app far exceeded our expectations. Well worth the small price, its the only monitor we use for our baby now.

The Biggest Help

We used this app for my terminally ill mother. It was a priceless tool. Martin helped me trouble shoot when the apple software updates were causing issues and his help kept our constant caregiving afloat. More than a few friends are now using the app and my husband and I will use it when we start a family together next year. Thank you for the amazing customer service Martin. Amanda

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